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Spring is the time for yard sales!



And here we go! It’s almost time! March is the month, mountain folks! It’s the time to start thinking about thinning out. Maybe this is the year that the basement can be emptied. Maybe it’s time to go through that garage, or storage locker you keep paying monthly bills for. Maybe it’s the year to empty that old cabin. Don’t hesitate to get started!

Either way, Estate sale time in this area is short. And not just physical sales. Yes, we all have great cars but hauling items, setting up for sales…it just doesn’t work up here unless you do it from May to September. And even then we could get snow. The weather is always a gamble, but a sale is best suited for potential warm sunny days.

Marketing these sales is even harder. I have seen, year after year…a couple little signs on the Peak to Peak, pointing people up roads they actually could be scared to drive up. It’s not easy to find the right home. It’s not Candelas up here.

Put up SIGNS, people. Multiple signs from every direction. But more important, go check your signs every hour. People do the darndest things. Running a huge Estate Sale a few summers ago, Pam’s Pantiques employees saw another estate sale company pulling Pam’s signs from the ground and tossing them over a cliff. This csn be cutthroat like everything else in this world.

But the best marketing is still Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Craigslist will add your sale to a number of decent apps that people use. These venues will allow you to market up to a week before the sale. Creative listings get attention. “Take a beautiful drive up to the mountains today. Estate sale with everything you ever needed….” Make it pop!

Of course, you don’t have to do this alone. Contact us at Pam’s Pantiques and we can help you with the smallest to the biggest project you are thinking of. Arrangements can be made for sales of all sizes. If you are considering an estate, garage, yard sale, etc., this spring/summer and would like some help, send us an email. We are here.

Pam’s Pantiques services the entire Peak to Peak region. In the right situation we can travel to the Denver area. Give us a shout out for help today!

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