The Mountain-Ear is located at:
20 E. Lakeview Drive, Unit 109 (inside Brightwood Music).
Our mailing address is PO Box 99, Nederland, CO 80466

We are also located at: 245 Apollo Drive, PO Box 99, Black Hawk, CO 80422

Phone: (303) 810-5409

Shop and buy local



Most of us who live here in our mountain paradise have had our typical shopping pattern upended during the months – stretching to years – of pandemic restrictions.

We’d buy most of our groceries at B&F, only heading down the hill when we had to. We’d shop for other necessities locally, shopping in Ned or waiting for various craft shows in the area to buy our holiday gifts.

Then Covid hit. We did as much shopping online as we could, dreading the responsibility of in-person shopping. Local shops languished; holiday craft fairs were canceled. Many of us turned to DIY even more than usual.

But now we are back, and stronger than ever. New shops have opened everywhere from Central City and Black Hawk to Nederland to Allenspark. Existing shops have got a new lease on life as we begin to celebrate not only a new holiday season, but a sense that things are getting better. New restaurants, coffee shops, and proud purveyors of spirits have graced our already bounteous countryside.

My guess is that many of us, in preparation for the holidays, are already checking up on local stock if not already shopping. And, while ski season hasn’t yet presented us with a host of new shoppers, it’s probably a good idea to get into the shops ahead of the tourist influx.

And don’t forget the year-long efforts of those who will be exhibiting and selling their wares at the upcoming holiday fairs throughout the Peak to Peak area. See the ads in The Mountain-Ear, and plan to attend at least one. Not only will you find glorious handmade works of art, you will be contributing to the support of our artist and crafter community during their best and most hopeful sale season.

If you still find it hard to get out and face humanity in large(ish) numbers, remember that most of our retailers and crafters also have a web presence, and, especially since they got into the swing of it during Covid, will be perfectly happy to serve you via the Web.

This is a time to celebrate, and to help keep our creative and entrepreneurial community happy and vibrant, too.

Happy holidays!