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This week we are printing the June 23 edition, but I want to talk to you about next weeks paper.

I want to offer a huge thanks to everyone that turned in their ads and content early for the June 30 edition. The June 30 edition is primarily an “It’s Your Turn” edition. That means it has a lot of reader-written content.You’ll see poems, photos, short stories, some artwork and more. You’ll also see a few stories that were turned in after our regular deadline for June 23, but made it in for June 30.

It also has stories we have not been able to publish, because we run out of space each week. So it’s a catch-up week for us when we do this fifth week newspaper each quarter. Running out of space means we have enough ads for a 32 page layout, but not enough ads for 40 pages, because we have to have less than 50 percent advertising in the paper.

And in several instances, we have enough content for 40 pages, but not enough time to layout 40 pages. We post some of our content online only, to make sure you are getting the news, but we are staying within our limits designated by the United States Postal Service, as a Periodical. We take that limit very seriously and follow their guidelines at all times.

Folks, I have an amazing staff that does so much work to make this paper happen each week. But when it comes to layout, it’s just me. I am one person. I’m not sitting behind a desk, punching buttons to tell someone else to do my work. I’m sitting at my desk working 80 to 90 hours each week. And I do it for free. I don’t get paid here. The paper pays 19 people right now and I am not one of them. The rest are, like me, volunteers. So when I say I’m taking time off, I’ve still completed my job for the week. I worked extra hard for over a month to take just 3 days off. The paper will still print on time, it will still be delivered on time, it will still be full of news you love. It will have all the info you need for events across the Peak to Peak and the entire music list for July. And it will have 4th of July event promotions. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I’m just taking some much needed down time to catch up on other projects, take care of needed appointments for myself and to regroup a bit. Okay, off my soapbox.

Next, I want to thank the 300+ new subscribers that have joined us at The Mountain-Ear over the last six months. Of all of the sponsored “100 day subscriptions” we gave out, only 8 have not subscribed after their 100 day trial. I call that a huge amount of support for what we are doing. The trials are sponsored from the grant money we receive from #newsCOneeds, as well as several other mini-grants that pay for us to give these trials out. If anyone would like to try a free 100 days, simply click on the link here subscription/.

Last, and perhaps most important and exceptionally meaningful to me right now, please take time to smell the flowers. And to enjoy the sunshine. And to throw the ball for the dogs. And play with the cats (as much as they play cuz.. hey.. cats). And take time to enjoy life. None of us is getting out of this alive. Life is not about the moments you spend behind your desk, it’s about the memories you make with those around you.

In the meantime, I welcome your thoughtful letters, comments and ideas, information on what is important to YOU, in YOUR community newspaper. And in your community as a whole. And, if you have any story idea about any topic, pitch it to us. If you have an event that needs covered, send it in. A music promotion or school sports story we missed? We are here for you! Watch The Mountain-Ear Facebook or my personal page for updated information.

The Mountain-Ear is YOUR community newspaper, covering all of the news you love in the entire Peak to Peak region, since 1977. As always my door is open (in Nederland and Black Hawk), my phone is on and my email gets checked regularly. Contact me at or call 303- 810-5409.