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Some weeks are longer than others in the time between Monday morning and Tuesday night. This was one of those weeks. As I work to train multiple new people (new to the position but not the paper), I find myself taking on a role that is a bit unfamiliar to me. I am suddenly in the role of teacher, which I realize is not my strongpoint.

I love to share ideas, brainstorm new ways to do things, listen to people explain how something works, talk about their business or project. This, however, is unfamiliar territory. On top of it, I’m learning to do this through screen sharing and online work, which is definitely not how I learned the process. I learned every part of this newspaper through trial and error, fast tutoring sessions and a lot of hard work with a bit of luck thrown in. Often learning how to do a specific job in a week or less, many times teaching myself when nobody was available to show my how.

I’m thankful for all the guidance of everyone that has come before me, to produce this publication each week. And I will be thankful for whoever comes next, to keep it going and keep it community focused. As I begin the search of filling many positions, to take the newspaper to the next level, continue the awesome work we have done so far, dissociate myself a tiny bit from “being” the newspaper and more, I ask for guidance, assistance, thoughts, ideas and support through the process.

My goal has been, and remains, keeping this newspaper focused on supporting our local communities, hiring from within our local communities and sharing the news of our entire Peak to Peak region.

Follow me for more information as this process unfolds over the next year. I think you’ll be as excited as I am!

As always my door is open (in Nederland and Black Hawk), my phone is on (303-810-5409) and my email gets checked regularly at Thanks for reading!