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Peak Perspectives: Giving thanksFree Access


This week I will again start with a big list of people I am grateful for. Thanks to our readers, contributors and businesses who donated to The Mountain-Ear for the #newsConeeds campaign, made possible by the Colorado Media Project. The below list includes people that donated to the #newsCOneeds matching grant as well as recipients of a gift subscription.

With your help, we raised $6,688, which should also qualify us for the matching grant of $5,000, for a total of $11,688 raised.

The money breaks down in several ways. A total of 70 donations came in for the buy-one-get-one Holiday Gift subscription deal. We had 20 people donate without a designation (what we call a straight donation). And three donated to the buy-one-get-two-free ad deal. Last, several intern sponsorships were sent in (eight stories sponsored).

By investing in us, each of you has proved once again that what we do has value. We promise not to let you down.

The #newsConeeds campaign, made possible by the Colorado Media Project, helped raise critical funds that enable newsrooms across Colorado to empower readers with information. This is work that strengthens our state, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support.

Thank you. We can’t wait to tackle the year ahead.

Here is the list of donors, which includes recipients of a gift subscription (if a random subscription pops up in your mailbox, this is why).

Roz Bagtaz, Ann Thompson, Margaret Yansura, William Pollock, Melissa Kluck, Robert and Suzanne Busch, Christine McAllister, Susan Eisman, McLaren Family, Garth Wagner, Jennifer Borah, Karen Gerrity, Mark Kuban, Karen Blakemore, Lee Gutmacher, Linda Chedister, John D’Alessandro, Andy Bates, Bonnie Greenwood, Anthony Farace, Gloria Larsen, Geniene Lamb, Jake Clemens, Mary Clemens, Red Dolly Casino, Trent Farago, Susan Farago, Judy Moir, Kristen Seldon, Lyndsey Stafford, Dave Walker, Kirk Kubicek, Ann Sherman, Mary Joyce, Charles Turner, Deb Smiley, Bonnie Carol, Jen & Lee Kennedy, Barbara Kuiper, Joe McCullough, Dennis Whalen, Joe Rowinski, Jennifer Borah, Nicole Kazmierski, Sarah Irwin- Powell, Al Irwin, Jamie Tabaka, Cal & Jacci Buelow, Karyn Stockdale, Lisa Cass, Lois Ott, Carole Handler, Linda Isenhart, Ernestine Burch, Susan Fields, Michael Fields, Glenn Lybarger, Patti Sabel, Mark Moll, Katrina Harms, Judi Anderson, Diana Underhill, Justine C Irwin, Laura Marin, Lynn Abrams, Cassidy Angel, Ian MacGregor, Scott Ptach, Bowyer D’Alessandro, Amy Shrum, Molly Melamed, Megan Larson, Whitney Doss-Donaghue, Judith Hawkins, The Donoghues, Ray Doss, Susan Pretak, Allison Pretak, Veronica Byers, Liz Stokes, Jordan Brogan, Elaine Mason, Scott Fairhead, Spencer Fairhead, Jesse Meyer, Trinity French, Katie, Gibson, Red Dolly Casino, Cinda Kochen, Dave Walker, Bill Thibedeau, Bonnie Carol, Charles Turner, Marta Musich, Mark Moll, Chip Benson, Judy Moir, Michael Wolf, Joe Ryan, Beth Fitzpatrick and Stephen Tebo.

While we work on individual thank you notes this month, I want to thank all of you here, in the paper you are supporting, with the above thank you. Individual notes will go out when we receive notification on the match from the Colorado Media Project.

We greatly appreciate your investment in The Mountain-Ear and for believing in the power of journalism to make an impact. The Mountain-Ear is YOUR community newspaper, covering the news you need since 1977.

We have a lot planned for 2022. With your help, we’re just getting started.

As always my door is open (in Nederland and Black Hawk), my phone is on (303-810-5409) and my email gets checked regularly at Thanks for reading!