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Lisa Widdekind announces candidacy for BoCo Commissioner


Lisa Widdekind will again contend for the Boulder County Commissioner District 3 seat, representing Eastern Boulder County. Widdekind, who ran for the seat against current Commissioner Matt Jones in 2018, worked for Boulder County for 16 years, most recently as the Emergency Manager for Boulder County Public Health. She left the County and retired in 2020.

“As a former employee who worked with all our departments to be prepared for events like the pandemic, I understand how our local government works and can hit the ground running in the role of commissioner. It’s a lot different than coming in from other career paths.”

Before starting at the County, Widdekind spent the first 20 years of her career working for environmental nonprofit organizations including The Union of Concerned Scientists, the League of Conservation Voters, and the Boulder Energy Conservation Center.

She is a pro-environment candidate and a climate activist who opposes fracking and oil and gas development and supports communities’ rights to have healthy and safe air and water, as mandated by Colorado law. “Climate is an existential threat to all of us and we need to act like it. I want to bring the full force of our gifted staff and community to bear on the issue and help lead others around the country with innovative approaches.”

Widdekind earned a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Local Government in 2017. “I was working full time and was a single mother and my job at the County didn’t pay me enough to live in Boulder County. My lived experience added to my support for organized labor and have been working with the Boulder Area Labor Council to make that a reality for Boulder County employees.”

“Housing for the people who make our community work—our teachers, our first responders, our grocery store workers—all deserve to live in the community they serve. That is the definition of community. We need to support collaborative efforts across the county to improve housing opportunities for all.”

Widdekind describes herself as a passionate person. “I have a vision for Boulder County that supports us all, not just those who are already doing great. We can be leaders in so many areas—social justice, economic equity, access to quality education. When you are a person who always wants us to do better as a society and have the depth and breadth of experience that I do, you see endless possibilities to improve everyone’s life. That’s why I look forward to serving Boulder County as one of its Commissioners.”

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