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Karen DeVincenzo: Mountains and piesFree Access


Karen DeVincenzo is a writer for The Mountain-Ear, usually stories about local historical pieces and human-interest stories. She has also produced newsletters for her neighborhood in the Bar-K, she estimates from 2000-2005.

While she likes to take pictures, she generally leaves the photography tasks to her husband, who is a professional photographer, and also a Mountain-Ear contributor.

She says that she “likes writing about people because everyone has a story that is unique to each individual and I love to hear their stories, particularly the elderly. Local stories, upcoming events, eye-catching photos, crossword puzzles. I like to read about the variety of businesses and what they offer.”

Karen and her husband, Sal, have lived in the Bar-K since 1992. Their son, Max, was born in 1995. Their household includes a 13-year-old dog named Chewy, and a 6-month-old puppy named Gizmo. Dogs have always been part of their family, always rescues and mixed breeds, but usually at least a little bit of Terrier in the mix.

After leaving her hometown in Massachusetts and traveling around, she moved to the Boulder area in 1981, and has been here ever since. Karen and her family lived in Nederland in the 80s, and after a short time in the valley, gratefully found their way back into the mountains, in Bar-K, above Jamestown.

She loves to bake, particularly PIES! And she goes outside for a walk every day with her dogs. Karen also enjoys beading, sewing, and watercolor.

“Home is my favorite place,” she says, “when I graduated from high school in 1974, the caption under my yearbook senior photo read (among other things), “clean air, clean water, clean living… Montana.”

Even as a high school teen, she knew where she belonged. And while she did spend some time in Montana right after high school, Colorado ended up being her destination. Close enough!

“Mountains are mountains, and I just knew it was where I belonged.”