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Finding comfort amidst regret

Kindness and cheer Above, left: Java Groove Cafe tables and decor create a friendly welcome and cozy place to sit. PHOTOS BY OMAYRA ACEVEDO

Kindness and cheer: Java Groove Cafe tables and decor create a friendly welcome and cozy place to sit. PHOTO BY OMAYRA ACEVEDO

I’ve been trying to make decisions that don’t lead to regret. Yet, it seems as if that’s all that surrounds me. I’ve tried changing my perspective and looking at the silver lining, to no avail.

I’ve danced across the meadows during the full moon and sung my heart out in the middle of the forest to release the pent-up energy of regret. Even with every step I take for the better, something inside me continues to question what is right.

I seldom allow regret to keep me from making decisions or experiencing things entirely. Lately, however, I don’t know if I’m regretting almost everything or simply don’t know what’s right for me anymore.

What should I do next? I wonder. Until I can figure out the answer, let’s grab something to eat and drink at the Java Groove Cafe in Evergreen, Colorado. Their motto resonates with me for many reasons.

“… at Java Groove, we prefer to lead with kindness. When you walk through the front door, know we are happy to see you, and you are welcome. Our goal is for the short time you spend with us you feel safe, well fed (and caffeinated!), and most importantly, you BELONG.”

When I read this, I forgot about my regrets. A friend and I shared a few pastries and a drink. Though a bit too much, the lemon bar, slice of apple pie, and croissant were delicious. I didn’t have a caffeinated beverage as it was late afternoon, but I plan to return.

After my experience at Java Groove, I decided to look them up online. I discovered that they do a lot for their community, including hosting special events for families and running charity fundraisers.

I also saw a message from the owner of the cafe, Eric Martinez. Part of his message stated, “Coffee is a love language that is universally spoken and understood! To me, coffee represents human connection.”

Though I’m more of a tea drinker, I began to think about all those times I gathered with family, friends, and sometimes, strangers, around an area, sipping a warm cup of something. There were times when conversations took hold of the room and other times when the sound of silence controlled the space.

Nonetheless, Martinez is right, “We connect with ourselves in those early morning hours while sipping coffee. We connect with each other when we meet up at our favorite cafe to laugh and share stories.”

He also shares, “I love coffee because it’s much more than a yummy pick me up (although it’s definitely that too!), it’s an experience!” So, cheers to life’s experiences. Yes, even the ones with regret.

Java Groove Cafe is located at 28186 Highway 74, Suite 1, Evergreen, Colorado. To learn more visit https:// www.javagroovecafe.com/ or give them a call at 303-674-4494.