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Black Hawk Commons gets new sign plan

The City of Black Hawk City Council approved a sign plan for the Black Hawk Commons during a regular meeting at 3 p.m. Wednesday, February 23, 2022, at 211 Church Street, Black Hawk, Colorado. The Council also considered two liquor licenses and the purchase of new and replacement equipment.

Community Planning and Development Director Cynthia Linker and Vincent Harris with Baseline Corporation submitted a resolution conditionally approving a Certificate of Architectural Compatibility for a Comprehensive Sign Plan for the Black Hawk Commons. “In an effort to provide additional visibility for the Black Hawk Commons retail tenants, City Staff and Baseline Staff have worked together to develop a sign plan for the Black Hawk Commons commercial property,” according to the request for Council action.

This includes the replacement of the existing sign with two new joint identification signs, and the addition of window signs and individual detached signs that will be mounted on the existing light poles along the sidewalk.

In September 2021 the City began to investigate signage options for the properties at 7320 and 7340 Black Hawk Boulevard. These City owned properties, collectively referred to as the Black Hawk Commons, house the following tenants: the United States Postal Service, Feeney Farms Market, Bean & Cream, the Black Hawk/Central City Sanitation District and the Black Hawk Fire Administration.

After the City Manager directed City staff to develop signage options, staff created a Comprehensive Sign Plan (CSP) for the Black Hawk Commons with the intention of adding signs that would replace and upgrade the existing sign, and increase the visibility of the retail businesses. The submittal includes six advertising signs with a total of 207 square feet. The properties’ combined allowed sign area is 345.6 square feet.

Staff from Baseline Corporation has reviewed and evaluated the request and finds the document to be in compliance with the regulations. Staff recommended that the certificate for the proposed Black Hawk Commons Comprehensive Sign Plan be approved, subject to three conditions, including that all proposed sign installations match the CSP as submitted; all applicable building and electrical permits must be obtained before beginning construction; and that the approval of the Certificate of Architectural Compatibility is valid for 180 days.

The Council approved the resolution.

The Council considered a New Beer & Wine Liquor License for Gift Eclectic, LLC, dba Mountain Poppy Boutique & Gift at 317 Gregory Street. The City Clerk’s office received a new Beer and Wine Liquor license application from Gift Eclectic, LLC, on December 7, 2021. The application was deemed complete on December 15.

“The application is under concurrent review with the state, pending local approval,” according to the request. At the January 12 City Council meeting, Council set the boundaries of the neighborhood as the entire City and set the public hearing date for February 23, 2022.

According to preliminary findings, “It appears from evidence submitted that selling liquor in the manner proposed in the application is not in violation of the zoning laws of the City of Black Hawk or any laws, rules or regulations of Gilpin County or the State of Colorado. It appears from the evidence submitted that the applicant is entitled to possession of the premises where the license is proposed to be exercised by way of lease, which expires December 31, 2024.”

The Council approved the license.

The Council considered a request for a New Hotel & Restaurant Liquor License for JKQ Consolidated, LLC, dba JKQ BBQ & Grill at 200 Gregory Street, to set the boundaries of the neighborhood and to set a date for a public hearing.

The City Clerk’s office received a new Hotel and Restaurant liquor license application from JKQ Consolidated LLC on February 10, 2022. The hotel and restaurant licensed premises will be located at Crook’s Palace, 200 Gregory Street.

The application was deemed complete on the same date, and the applicant requested concurrent review with the State. Per the Black Hawk Municipal Code, “The City Clerk shall place on the agenda of a City Council meeting the request for a new liquor license. The meeting shall be held not less than four days nor more than 30 days after the City Clerk has received the application.”

The City Council needed to set the boundaries of the neighborhood and set a date for a public hearing. The next Council meeting to fall within this requirement would be April 13, 2022. This date will provide the applicant enough time to prove the reasonable requirements of the neighborhood needs and desires and allow the Clerk’s office to cause the public notice to be posted and published.

The Council approved setting the neighborhood as the entire City of Black Hawk and the public meeting for April 13.

Public Works Director Thomas Isbester introduced a resolution approving the purchase of new and replacement capital equipment. During the 2022 budget approval process, equipment purchases and replacements were included in the Capital Fund.

In an effort to avoid the projected 7 to 10 percent price increases and additional delays in delivery dates, staff ordered some of the equipment identified in that budgeting process as soon as the budget was approved and took effect.

The following pieces of equipment have been ordered: Bobcat Toolcat with attachments, $65,000; Chevrolet Dump/ Plow Trucks, $212,000; Bobcat Skid steer with attachments, $66,000; Dodge Durango SUV Police Patrol Vehicle, $180,000.

Isbester reported “All of these pieces of equipment will be outfitted with additional lights and accessories as necessary before being put into service. Again, these are budgeted items that were anticipated to be purchased during the budget preparation/approval process.”

The Council approved the purchases.

The next Black Hawk City Council meeting will be at 3 p.m. Wednesday, March 9, 2022, at 211 Church Street, Black Hawk, Colorado. Go to https:// for more information.

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