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All-State football player Stephen King trades gridiron for MinesFree Access


Playing sports was a place where I could forget about school and relieve the stress of the day. Not only did it bring many admirable memories, but sports were also arguably one of the most important keys to developing my character. I began playing football in second grade. During middle school I participated in track, basketball, and baseball. In high school I set many school records in track and qualified for the All-state Football Game. During which, I was able to play with an extremely talented group of young individuals that truly shared the same passion for the sport. Those bonding relationships are still with me today. Being recognized and chosen for the All-State Football Game by a multitude of coaches around the state gave me a satisfactory end to high school sports.

Academically, I was a member, and eventually President, of both Interact Club and National Honor Society. Throughout my high school career, I developed an aptitude for science and math which highly influenced my choice to go to the Colorado School of Mines for college. I knew that a degree from Mines would keep doors open for me. Many individuals that I look up to have told me about the value of such a degree and its benefits. One of those people I looked up to is Heather Newman, my Gilpin County High School (GCHS) chemistry teacher. She was someone who always had a smile and a positive attitude no matter what happened. There was always a bright side to a situation. Newman sparked my aptitude for science and luckily, she kept my passion for learning science strong.

Her class was always somewhere I could stop b y in my free hour, talk, and get the help I needed.

Gilpin’s staff and administration made sure I stayed on track to achieve my goal. If I ever needed individualized help, the teachers were always able to help and answer any of my questions. Though a small school, GCHS was a place where I always had support when I needed it. GCHS school taught me much about the world of Academia.

I am still very early in my academic career at Mines, but as of now, I am planning to get my chemical engineering degree and go into the renewable energy resources field to develop cutting edge renewable technologies for the future. I am Gilpin County School!